Al's Toy Barn is a toy store that appeared in Toy Story 2 and was mentioned in Toy Story.



The Entrance is used by Humen by stepping on the sensor mat, but it's not only the humen, Buzz and his friends use it to go in the toy barn thinking Woody is in there. The doors were used again as an exit when Buzz tries to catch up with the others, but he can't open the doors by jumping on the floor, So he kicked a bunch of boxes down on the floor letting him out of the toy barn. However, He doesn't know there was Emperor Zurg following him.

​Barbie Aisle

​While searching for Woody, Slinky, Rex, Hamm and Mr Potato Head meet a bunch of Barbie dolls having a party, Until a Tour Guide Barbie doll tours them around the toy barn.

​Buzz Lightyear Aisle

Buzz is amazed when he finds thousands of action figures of himself with new utility belts. He finds a new action figure out of it's box in a display box down from the aisle. Buzz climbs up the display box and tries to grab the new belt, But he accidentally wakes the new Buzz up. New Buzz ties up The Real Buzz in his Box for "Hyper Sleep" until Andy's Toys and Tour Guide Barbie find and mistaken him for Andy's Buzz. After they left, The Real Buzz frees himself out of the box.

​Al's Office

Al McWhiggin has his private office as him being the CEO. Al also has a playset of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots on his desk.


  •   Before finding the Buzz Lightyear aisle, There are A Bug's Life toys behind Buzz when he is searching for Woody.