Andy's Room is Andy's Bedroom and it is where most of Toy Story takes place.

Changes Between MoviesEdit

Toy StoryEdit

In the first Film, Andys room has Western Theme based on Woody. His wallpaper is Covered with White, Puffy Clouds. Then once he receives Buzz Lightyear as a Birthday Gift, his room changes from a Western, to a Space Theme based on Buzz Lightyear.

When Andy moves to his new house at the end of the first film, his room has a blend of both Western, and Space. There is no wallpaper, but instead a plain wall in a green color..

Toy Story 2Edit

Same as the end of Toy Story, but now has a star themed wallpaper. A TV and a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), are also included.

Toy Story 3Edit

Its the same as Toy Story 2, but now it's covered with posters and the Toy Box has been decorated with stickers. And on the shelves, it looks like Andy has won a few Trophys.

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