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Bo Peep is Woody's love interest in Toy Story franchise.                                                       
Bo peep

Bo peep in a desktop wallpaper

Toy StoryEdit

she first appears when the toys come to life and when slinky says bad news, then woody shushs him. she grabs woody with her Cane. and thanks him for saving her sheep. and she walks away saying i'm just a couple of blocks away. she meets buzz for the first time. she tells that Andy is excited about buzz. woody gets rid of buzz, and bo still likes woody. while the toys are looking for buzz, she says "woody's gone?" when andy comes home and woody got taken home by sid. the 2nd night before moving day, bo starts to stream into tears over woody being gone. and the next morning, it was moving day. lenny finds buzz and woody riding RC. bo peep says woody was telling the truth which the other toys think woody pushed RC off. at andy's new house, she wishes woody a merry christmas.

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