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Bonnie is a character from toy story 3.                                                                                                                                

Peformer: Emily hahn


Toy Story 3 ​ Edit

She first appears while woody tells the other toys he is leaving sunnyside. when woody falls from a tree, bonnie finds him and takes him to her house. she plays with her other toys buttercup, mr pricklepants, trixie and dolly kindly. she played a tea party with woody. she is seen once again a brief time when she is sleeping with her toys before woody wakes up. the next morning, she is seen ready for daycare. she is seen again at the end where andy goes to her yard, and gives him his toys to her.


  • On a disney store doll of her, she has a dory from finding nemo Plaster on her knee.
  • Bonnie seeing andy was a reference when andy saw his mom filming him at the beginning.

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