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Buster the dog. buster is a minor character in toy story 2, and toy story 3

Toy story 3 old buster
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Toy story Edit

Even though buster does not appear on screen, he can be barking. Andy says "wow! a puppy!" and woody and buzz smile at each other embarrassed.

Toy Story 2 Edit

buster makes his first face reveal. he first appears when the green army men and rocky are trying to keep buster out, but it was no use. buster pushed rocky and Sarge and went in the room. he looks for woody, he finds the troikas, robot and MR and Mrs potato head. he finds woody in Andy's green backpack. buster licks woody, and woody goes "alright! buster, you found me." he tells Hamm his score, and it is 13.5. woody plays with buster. until he hears Andy's mother. Andy goes "stick them up!" but buster walks away. and Andy goes "maybe we can work on that later". he makes his second appearance when woody calls for him to save wheezy. woody falls on buster, to rescue wheezy. woody gets wheezy out of a 25 cents box, and puts wheezy in his collar. wheezy says that "he's slipping", woody puts him in buster's collar tighter, but and woody falls flying into the air. buster goes with him, but without woody. he makes his third scene when he wants to go outside for "private time", Jessie helps buster go outside. she opens the door, and buster runs out of andy's room.

Toy Story 3 Edit

Buster is back in toy story 3, but he is old. woody calls for him revealing he is old now. woody tells him to get outside, but buster yawns and falls on woody to sleep. he makes his last scene where Andy is going away to college. he says, who's a good doggie?".

Trivia Edit

*in a toy story comic book, buster is named "Speck".

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