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Buzz Lightyear
Buzz ts3 1024x768

Buzz Lightyear as shown in a Desktop Wallpaper from Toy Story 3

is a Fictional Action Figure and the deuteragonist of movie series. He's voiced by Tim Allen.

Toy StoryEdit

He first appears when woody climbs on Andy's bed, and he finds his spaceship unboxed. he meets woody, while talking to his communicator. he pushes into him and finds Andy's other toys, he then proves the other toys he can fly. Andy's toys (except woody) like him. one morning, woody confronts buzz. and he pushes his helmet down, until they hear Sid blowing up a combat carl. that night, Andy is going to pizza planet. woody gets rid of buzz by using RC to push him out of a window but he gets backup and jumps on the car. he reappears when he finds woody in the car. the two toys get into a fight, and the car drives off without them. woody tried to explain buzz that he was really a toy, but buzz thought he was a space ranger with a mission to complete. until, woody found a pizza planet truck. woody and buzz go to pizza planet to get back to Andy, until buzz found a claw machine with little green men. woody looked for buzz in the claw machine, until Sid came to the claw machine and won both woody and buzz. Sid takes buzz and woody home, and buzz found a commercial for buzz lightyear toys. woody was right, he was a toy. he tried to fly out of a window, but he fell down and broke his Arm. Hannah finds him on the ground and takes him to a tea party. woody gets buzz out of Hannah's room and throws a mental breakdown. woody tries to go back to Andy's house, but the other toys think they hurt him when buzz's arm came off. the mutant toys fix buzz and Sid comes in his room to get out a rocket to strap buzz to. buzz was upset to help woody, but he did by pushing a toolbox of woody under a milk crate. but Sid's clock rang. woody planned a rescue mission to save buzz with the mutant toys. woody scared Sid and he rescued buzz. but scud caught woody by his foot, buzz pulled scud's eyelids and he was ambushed by scud too. woody went to rescue buzz with RC. buzz went on RC to escape from Scud. then woody went on RC too. they held on to slinky, but slinky is getting longer, and RC's batteries ran out. woody had an idea. he tried to light buzz's rocket, but a car ran over it. woody cried, but he noticed a sun on his hand. he li buzz's rocket again, and they flew up min the sky. buzz ejected the rocket by releasing his wings. buzz is flying. they went safely in Andy's mom's car, and they celebrated Christmas together.

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