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Combat carl is a G.I joe type action figure in the toy story universe.


Toy Story Edit

A combat carl is seen tied on an explosive caused by Sid. when Sid lit the fire, he explodes to million pieces, or went outer space. there are more toys with combat carl parts. a mutant toy, Jingle joe has a combat carl head, and rock mobile has a combat carl torso. the outside toys are also combat carls. two are from mud. one has a nail through his head, and no arms. the other one has no head, a twisted body and broken leg.

Toy Story of terror! Edit

Another combat carl appears in toy story of terror. he first appears with no hand when she grabs Jessie. he hears an iguana named Mr. jones, he says "combat carl never gives up, combat carl finds a way.". he gets caught by Mister jones. he appears again when he meets Jessie in Ron's office, he also has a counterpart combat carl Jr. he tries to escape from a window wardrobe, but he and other toys fail. when woody gets taken to a truck, he becomes depressed and says "combat carl will never see billy one more time" and he has an idea to tell Jessie to make his motto. but this time, it is "Jessie never gives up, Jessie finds a way". when Jessie kicks mr jones, his hand is in mr jones mouth all the time. and when bonnie and her mom are ready to go home, carl winks at Jessie. and Jessie winks at him back. and when ron tells the Anderson family they will give them the woody, he is seen escaping with the other toys. he also appears in the credits when he and the other toys see a delivery truck, and he hops on.

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