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Emperor Zurg is the former tertiary antagonist of Toy Story 2.                                                                                                                                                   

Empereror zurg

Toy storyEdit

Even though zurg does not appear in the first toy story film, he was mentioned by Buzz lightyear and andy. he is first mentioned when Andy takes Buzz in his room, when woody reads the back of buzz's box, and where buzz talks about zurg making a weapon.

Toy Story 2Edit

Zurg makes his first On screen apperance in toy story 2. he is first seen in a buzz lightyear game when he watches buzz enter a Z shaped maze. he says "come to me, my prey", and pulls a lever to reveal Deadly spikes to defeat buzz. and he makes his On screen face apperance when buzz tries to take a battery. he battles buzz lightyear, and he defeats "video game" buzz. he is seen once again in al's toy barn when he is free out of his box, he says "destroy Buzz lightyear!" his 3rd scene is when Buzz and the gang are rushing to an elevator, but they see evil Emporer Zurg making it like Zurg is being a minor antagonist. he battles Utility belt buzz just like in Rex's buzz lightyear video game. he tells utility belt Buzz that he is his Father, then Rex knocks zurg off the Elevator. his 4th scene is where He and utility belt buzz lightyear are playing a game of catch. He says "good throw, son! that's my boy, go along buzzy."

Toy Story 3Edit

He appears during the credits when he and other toys arrive at sunnyside. stretch brings him down, he is also seen in the background during a disco party.


  • He is similar to darth vader from star wars, due to both being a father of a good guy.
  • It is unknown if he and utility belt buzz returned to Al's toy barn...
  • Zurg is a playable character in toy story 3 the video game, only on PlayStation 3.

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