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Hamm is a character in the toy story trilogy

"i don't get it"

Eye color:





Mr potato head, slinky, rex, buzz, woody, Jessie, bullseye, aliens, buttercup


Sid, al mcwhiggin, prospector, Zurg, lots'o huggin bear.

Appeared in:

Toy Story. toy story 2, toy Story 3, Toy story toons

Toy Story Edit

he starts as a minor character. he is flipping his coins back in his slot, when Mr potato head comes to him and says "hey, Hamm. look! I'm Picasso." he says "I don't get it" and walks Away. He watches woody having a staff meeting, until he sees birthday guests at "3 o, clock". he listens to Sarge and the soldiers on a Baby monitor. he meets buzz on the bed, and is impressed with buzz's flying. the next morning, he hears Sid about the blow up a combat carl. and this afternoon, woody accidentally knocks Buzz out of a window. and hamm is Upset about buzz being pushed thanks to him with the others except bo peep and Rex. when andy came back home fro pizza planet, he finds Woody is gone and says "That weasel ran away". he appears playing battleships with Mr potato head until he hears woody call from sid's house. when the toys see buzz's arm off, hamm thinks woody hurt buzz and says "that is disgusting". he is seen again in the moving van chase when he thinks woody pushed RC off the moving van. he and the other toys except Bo peep and slinky dog fought him. and when woody was thrown off the moving van and on RC with buzz, he was guilty about woody. he helps slinky bring woody, buzz and RC on the moving van, but fails. he sees woody and bzz on RC with a rocket blasting to the moving van and runs away from Rc crashing into mr potato head. and he is listening to baby monitor at the end of the film.

​Toy story 2Edit

he is seen looking for woody's hat. he mentions a gnome, but he keeps looking. he also appears when rex tries to turn the Al's toy barn commercial off, and he presses the red off button. and says "i despise that chicken". when woody meets buster, woody tells how buster did, and hamm says "looks like a new record" on mr. spell. during andy's 5 minute playtime, hamm is Evil dr porkchop for the first time.  and gets defeated by buzz. he also appears in woody's dream when he tells the toys to get back to their places when andy is coming home from cowboy camp. he also appears in the yard sale scene when woody warns the others a yard sale is on. he watches woody save wheezy from the yard sale, until woody gets picked up by Al. he starts remaking woody's kidnapping until rex knocks mr potato head's crime scene down. and he and the other toys hear buzz finding out Al's "ID tag" (license plate). and when al is revealed to be a chicken man hamm says "i knew there wasn't something i like about that chicken".  he finds the al's toy barn commercial, and helps buzz on his adventure for the first time. he holds on to slinky for a way down. hamm visits a street until he trips over with his cork falling off. he says "alright, nobody look until i get my cork back in!" he listens to buzz's speech. hamm finds al's toy barn on a road, saying "why did the toys cross the road?". buzz finds some cones, and they cross the road inside some. the toys arrive at al's toy barn, but it is closed. a person named joe goes in the store which the doors still open. the gang jump all together on the carpet to find woody. he is riding on a car with slinky and mr potato head shares a seat with him. he meets the barbie aisle, and he tells one of them if they found al. and tour guide barbie jumps in the car until rex shows the toys his buzz lightyear attack on zurg manual. the toys crash in a bucket of bouncy balls. they also meet utility belt buzz in a buzz aisle. hamm helps the toys find woody in al's office, until they hear al coming. the toys with utility belt buzz hop inside Al's bag. he also tries to get out of al's car, until new buzz finds a handle on the car door. he and andy's toys go thrugh an airvent, and takes out magnets to climb. when new buzz tels the toys that he is going to let go of the wall, hamm along with the other toys beg him to not to. but new buzz does, and they land on an elevator. the toys hear woody being tickled by jessiewhich they think the roundup gang is hurting woody, and he helps new buzz use rex's head to push the air vent down. he battles stinky pete, and gets woody back to andy's room, until andy's buzz faces Utility belt buzz. hamm finds out andy's buzz is the real buzz he knows. then new buzz becomes friends with andy's buzz.  buzz tells woody to get back to andy's room, but woody can't leave the roundup gang. Hamm and the other toys become sad about woody not coming.  but, woody tells two buzz's that he is coming. hamm has heard woody coming along with the other toys. woody tells the roundup gang if they can come, but The prospector locks the air vent up. andy's toys, andy's buzz and new buzz race to elevator until, zurg comes up on an elevator. hamm and the others meet zurg the first time. and new buzz fights zurg. buzz and the other toys run the the emergency hatch, and open it. hamm helps the others hold slinky to save woody, until they fail to get him (woody) up on the elevator. Mr. potato head spots a pizza planet truck, and hamm helps him operate "levers and knobs". while slinky takes the pedals, rex navigates and buzz drives. the toys arrive at the airport. they find a pet carrier, and hop on a baggage area. hamm, mr potato head, rex and three squeeze toy aliens take a different green case which reveals to be cameras. he helps buzz and his friends stun stinky pete with cameras by flashing them in his eyes to save woody, and stuff him in a girl named, amy's backpack. hamm tells woody and buzz to help him and the toys to get jessie out of al's case while bullesye is free. and woody finds jessie, and the toys return to andy's room. hamm is playing a buzz lightyear game, but loses. and sees an al's toy barn cmmercial with Al mcwhiggin crying. and then he watches wheezy sing you've got a friend in me.  

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