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Hannah Phillips is the minor character in Toy Story. She is Sid's younger sister. She is voiced by Sarah Freeman.

Hannah Phillips

she is first scene after Sid yells for her if his package came in the mail, but she doesn't know. so Sid took her Janie doll away from her, and he scares Hannah with a pterodactyl head on Janie. she is seen the second time when she was looking for her sally doll, until she finds buzz on a floor with a broken arm. she has a tea party with buzz and her headless dolls until woody interrupts Hannah by doing Sid's mom's voice. then she looks for her mom. she is seen again when scud was chasing frog and when she hears the doorbell. she locks scud out. her final scene is when she has her sally doll when sid te;lls her the toys are alive. she gets revenge on him by putting her sally doll by his face and he runs away screaming when she says what's wrong sid? don't ya wanna play with sally?

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