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Jessie is a cowgirl doll who first appeared Toy Story 2.                                                                            


Woody's RoundupEdit

Jessie is one of four characters from Woody's Roundup, which was a TV series from the 1900's featuring Woody, Stinky Pete, Bullseye, and of course Jessie. The Jessie we see in the films Toy Story 2 is a  toy/doll version of the character from the TV show.

Toy Story 2Edit

We find out in Toy Story 2 that Jessie use to belong to a girl named Emily. When every Emily aged into an adult, she left Jessie in a box on the side of the road as part of collection of donations. At the end of the film, Woody has the idea to bring not only her, but Bullseye as well, back to Andy's house.

Toy Story 3Edit

Jessie returns in toy story 3, she is worried about Andy who is grown up. the gang goes to Sunnyside day care. when they got there, Jessie greets chunk. lotso takes the gang to a caterpillar room. the caterpillar room kids are rough, and they used Jessie's hair as a paintbrush. Jessie and the other toys helped Buzz Escape the caterpillar room. the toys heard buzz being switched to demo mode, and buzz locked the toys up. Jessie kicked sparks and chunk, but stretch caught her and put her in her cell. the next morning, woody returned to Sunnyside to rescue his friends. they managed to escape day-care. Jessie helped Mrs potato head, and bullseye. Jessie starts to gush over buzz who is set to Spanish mode. the toys' escape is foiled by lots'o, and woody and his friends start to go to tri county landfill. but the aliens saved the gang with a claw. and the toys get ready for the attic, but woody had an idea. Andy went to take his toys to bonnie.


  • Jessie was going to be senorita cactus, but it was decided later on that she could be a cowgirl.
  • jessie makes a cameo in monsters, inc where boo gives sulley a jessie doll to him.
  •    While the other toys have brown, blue and black eyes, jessie is the only toy with green eyes, and the only toy with red hair.
  • jessie is the only female toy who belongs to Andy, while other female toys belong to molly

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