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Little Green Men from Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4.                

Little green man





Eye color:



Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, bullseye, mr potato head, mrs potato head, slinky, rex, hamm, bonnie, andy


Lots'o huggin bear, Sid, Stinky pete

appeared In:

toy story, toy story 2, toy story 3, toy story toons, toy story that time forgot.

​Toy StoryEdit

the aliens first appear in a claw machine which buzz jumped in. one says "a stranger" and the other says "from the outside". and they go "oooooooh!". woody clims into the claw machine while buzz tells them who is in charge. they point to the sky to reveal a Claw. woody sees sid, and jumps into the claw machine in a ocean full of aliens. one shushes them when the claw is moving. sid chooses an alien. he sees buzz lightyear, woody finds an exit, but buzz is caught. he grabs buzz by his legs, the aliens tell buzz is chosen.when sid went home, he gave his dg scud an alien. in the play nice scene, the alien (which must be the same scud played with) comes out under scud's dog bowl. to scare sid.​

Toy Story 2Edit

the little green men return. there are 3 in a Pizza planet truck, buzz and the gang ride the pizza planet truck to chase Al. the aliens almost fell out of the truck, but mr potato head saved them. they say to mr potato head "you saved our lives! we are eternally grateful." and they give mr potato head his ear. they repeated their you saved our lives line when they made it to the airport, and when buzz and the toys are in a pet carrier. when they are on a baggage area, they say "the mystic portal. Oooooh!" and they enter a maze full suitcases. the  toys slide on a conveyer belt. and the aliens help Mr potato head, hamm and rex find A's case while buzz and slinky take another route. the toys stun Prospector with cameras to save woody. when andy went  home from cowboy camp, he finds the aliens with jessie and bullesye. they aliens walk up to mr and mrs potato head, and they are watching Wheezy singing you've got a friend in me.

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