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Lotso (lots-o, huggin, bear for long) is the main antagonist in Toy Story 3.

he is a pink, stuffed teddy bear with a scent of strawberries.

Lots-o' huggin' bear
'hello there, I knew I heard new voices. (lots-o's first quote)



Eye color:





Daisy, chuckles (formerly) the other Sunnyside toys


woody, buzz, Jessie, bullseye, rex, slinky, Hamm, Mr potato head, barbie, Mrs potato head, the little green men, ken

Appeared in:

Up (cameo), Toy story 3


Ned beatty

Toy story 3 Edit

he first appears being held by a little girl. then he meets Andy's toys on a yellow truck. he tells ken to tour sunnyside, until he meets barbie. he then puts the toys in the caterpillar room until he follows ken and barbie for a meeting. Lotso finds ken with buzz tied up to a Lego chair, then shows his true nature by setting buzz to demo. he meets Jessie and the toys inside the caterpillar room to make bad buzz take the toys in storage bins. chuckles, a friend of lotso, tells woody about lotso being lost by a girl named daisy. he was unwrapped by daisy on Christmas, she took lotso to play with her, and she even had a picnic with him. just to forget him with big baby and chuckles. he finds daisy's house, but she has her very own Lotso. he sadly walks away, then he felt angry and thought She replaced him. he, chuckles and big baby ride a pizza planet truck, then he finds sunnyside. so he walked to the daycare to rule the place. he appears again in the next morning telling the toys they've got a "play date of destiny". mr potato head (with a tortilla) sneaks past a window seeing Lotso, and the other minions sleeping. he finds woody and the other toys escaping sunnyside, and kicks slinky dog to block their way. he tells woody that andy doesn't want him, until lotso hears a garbage truck coming he shows chatter telephone all beaten up. ken reforms to stop lotso from getting them being garbage. woody stands up to lotso by arguing with him about Daisy. big baby and the other minions of Lotso start to reform, by putting Lotso in the garbage chute. woody and the gang escape, but an alien's foot is stuck, then Lotso grabs woody by the legs. and then the toys except barbie, ken lotso's former minions and chatter telephone get thrown into the garbage truck. woody and buzz find lotso stuck in a ground of dirt about to be in a shredder. woody pulls him out, then he grabs onto a metal object to not get shredded. Rex sees a daylight, but it is a furnace. the toys run away from the incinerator, Lotso gets up on an emergency stop, but he refuses. he appears at the end when he is trying to escape from the tri county landfill, but gets picked up by a garbage man. he sees garbage toys on the garbage truck grill, to keep his mouth shut because they might get flies and mud in it. and gets defeated.


  • Lots'o made an appearence in A 2009 pixar film UP, he was spotted next to a little girl dee's bed.
  • He is the third main Toy story villain to be a toy. the first being Stinky pete, and zurg.
  • In the PS2 version of Toy story 3, Lots'o made a silent apperance, and his fate is not revealed. nor is it seen.

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