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Rex From Toy Story

"ROOOOOOOOAAAAARRR! were you scared? tell me, Honestly." (rex's first quote)





Appeared in:

Toy story, toy story 2, toy story 3

Voice actor:

Wallace shawn

​Toy StoryEdit

he starts out as a minor character. he first appears when andy is playing with his toys. after andy has left his room, he comes to life and fearsomes woody. but he comes off as annoying. appears again at the staff meeting, until he hears hamm call out there are birthday guests. he listens to the baby monitor to find out what presents there are are. when sarge sees a buzz lightyear, he accidentally knocks the baby monitor off.  he hears andy cming back to his, he runs into a rubbish bin and falls over. he meets buzz on the bed for the first time, buzz shows him and the toys he can fly. and he was impressed. the next morning, buzz shows him and slinky Andy's name on his foot. until he hears Sid blowing up a combat carl. he hears woody knock buzz out of a window, he doesn't like confrontations. especally Bo peep. he looks for bzz out from a window, using a barrel of monkeys and finding a cat named whiskers. he hears andy come home, and hears that woody is gone. he appears again seeing woody at sid's house. he pops out from a box. woody gives slinky christmas lights, but rex and the other toys see buzz's arm which they think woody murderd buzz. he reappears in the moving van scene. he sees woody kick RC to the road t save buzz, but the others think woody kicked RC off, like what woody did to buzz. Rex (except slinky and bo peep) takes the toys side, instead of woody's. he sees Woody riding RC with buzz, and he says he has guilt. he helps slinky grab woody and buzz, but fails. he sees Woody and buzz racing up to the moving van with a rocket. and he runs away from RC crashing into mr potato head. he appears at the end hearing sarge on the baby monitor to hear what presents andy and molly got for christmas.         

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