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Scud is the secondary antagonist of Toy Story.​

Toy StoryEdit

He first appears in the scene where sid is blowing up a combat carl. He appears again when sid went home from pizza planet, sid gave him a green alien and scud chewed it. he is seen again sleeping on stairs where woody and buzz try to escape. woody gets his pull string caught on a stair rail, and wakes him up. He hears woody, buzz and woody went into random rooms, and scud looks for somene who woke him up. Buzz hides from scud, and he walks away. he makes his fourth appearance when woody stops the door to get buzz. he closes the door quickly, before scud gets him. he makes his fith scene when he hears woody plannng to teach sid to play nice. he sees Frog race out of the door, and scud chases him to eat him. until he knocks hannah over. hannah calls him "stupid dog!". scud tries to get back in the house, but hannah shuts the door. he appears the sixth time as he sees buzz and woody running to the eggman movers truck. he chases woody and buzz, and bites woody on the leg. buzz  rescued him by pulling his eyelids. woody got on the truck, but buzz is in danger. scud sees RC drive past him, and chases buzz on RC. buzz sees cars drivepast him, and the cars crash into eachother. he is trapped. it is unknown if scud went back to sid's house. sid and his family must have found him, or people asked where he belongs to.

​Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown How Scud survived after the explosion of Combat carl.
  • Because scud is matured in Toy Story, 15 years later in the events of Toy Story 3, it's possible he died before The third film.
  • Scud is one of the Non-toy toy story characters who knows the toys are alive

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