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Sid Phillips

Sydney "Sid" Phillips is the main antagonist of the first Toy Story. He first appears as a thirteen year-old kid who loves torturing toys and blowing them up. He's first seen attacking a Combat Carl in his backyard, throwing stones at it then lights the fuse on the firecracker on the toy's back, blowing it up. Later in the film he inadvertently kidnaps Woody and Buzz at Pizza Planet when playing the crane game, bringing them to his house. The following morning he tortures Woody with a magnifying glass and says "Where are your rebel friends now?" before being called by his mom about his pop tarts. After deciding to blow up Buzz with his new rocket firecracker, Woody unites Sid's mutant toys to rescue Buzz, ultimately breaking the rules of not coming to life around humans. Sid freaks out and runs, most likely to never torture toys (or possibly even play with them) again.

Sid wears a skull t-shirt and blue jeans in the first film. He's also seen wearing braces.

Sid has a younger sister named Hannah, their mother never shows a face but her voice is heard. Their father is seen taking a nap upstairs but is never voice identified. Sid also had a mean dog named Scud, who also antagonizes Woody and Buzz. (As well as any other toy)

Sid does not make an appearance in Toy Story 2, but he is seen in Toy Story 3, ten years later at the age of twenty-four, he's now working as a garbageman. (As evidenced by his skull shirt, and his adult personality that greatly suggests he is indeed Sid.) He's also seen with a small beard. He doesn't talk much in Toy Story 3 but he is scatting to a song on his MP3 player.

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