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Toy Story of Terror

Toy story of terror is a 2013 Halloween special on ABC.

Plot Edit

the treat starts with the toys in Bonnie's mom's car driving to a hotel called sleep well. the gang are watching a scary movie, until they went to the motel. Jessie has a fear of suitcases, and woody comforts her. when bonnie and her mum are sleeping, the toys except Jessie went out. Jessie looks around the inside of Bonnie's suitcase, and she runs out and sees a shadow (which reveals to be Mr jones, and iguana). buzz tells her that the toys are here, but Mr potato head is missing. the toys start looking for Mr potato head, but Trixie gets lost too. then woody, buzz, Jessie, prickle pants and rex go in a dark room, until Mr prickle pants gets captured. then rex gets kidnapped. woody buzz and Jessie run away screaming, until they see Potato head's arm. Jessie says it's pointing up. the toys go to the bathroom, then woody and buzz get caught by Mr jones. Jessie meets combat carl, and carl gets kidnapped. and then Jessie. Jessie meets the toys in a manager named Ron's office and new friends. combat carl junior makes the escape, but he drops a paperclip from pocketeer. ron finds woody on ebid, and he seals him in a box. then Jessie says that she will end up in a box. combat carl tells her to say "Jessie never gives up, Jessie finds a way." and she plans to rescue woody. she meets a robot named tranquilizer, but she gets sealed by a delivery women. she goes in the delivery truck until she finds a paperclip to cut the sticky tape. she hears woody, when woody and she got back, she gets caught by mister jones. she finds combat carl's hand, and mr potato head's arm. she pulls a curtain to let bonnie know her toys are in Ron's office. she gets her toys back, and the toys go home. in the credits scene, combat carl and his friends escape the sleep well motel. and ron gets caught by the police.

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