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Wheezy the penguin is a squeeze penguin that appeared in Toy Story 2 And Toy Story 3 (home video) He was Andy's favourite toy until his squeaker broke, Andy's Mom was going to fix it but put it on a shelf and forgot about him, he tried squeaking for help but no one heard him, Woody was in the shelf and when he coffed he heard Wheezy, in the end of Toy Story 2, Wheezy sings "You've Got A Friend In Me" in a deep voice. Wheezy is also seen in Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command but is seen briefly, and he is seen in Toy Story 3 in Andy's Home Videos. In beetween Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 he was either given away, sold in a yard sale, thrown out or donated With the other toys

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