Emperor Zurg is the (former) tertiary antagonist of Toy Story 2. He is Buzz's arch-nemesis and Utility Belt Buzz's father.

​Toy Story

He doesn't appear in the first movie, but he is mentioned a couple of times. He was First mentioned when Andy gets Buzz Lightyear for his birthday. He was mentioned again by Buzz when Woody reads the back of his box. He was mentioned the third time when Buzz tells Woody abput him making a "secret weapon to annihilate the entire planet".

An earlier sketch of Zurg was seen in a deleted opening scene of Andy watching a Buzz Lightyear cartoon.

​Toy Story 2

Zurg makes his first onscreen appearance in the Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg game.

His game form appears in the opening and sending a trap of spikes to destroy game Buzz Lightyear. He also battles Buzz, but easily defeats him with his Ion Blaster, blasting his top half of his body, killing him. However, It was revealed to be a Video Game Rex is playing.

At Al's Toy Barn, Rex finds a game manual on how to defeat Zurg.

He first appears as a toy after Buzz knocks a bunch of boxes down, which he follows Buzz to Al's Apartment. When they try to get Woody, Zurg encounters the Toys on an Elevator and Utility Belt Buzz fights him so the others can try to rescue Woody. Zurg beats up the New Buzz and he claims himself to be his Father. Shocked, Rex tells New Buzz to believe in himself aout defeating Zurg, He points his ion blaster at Buzz, But Rex accidentally knocks him off the shaft. Rex was happy he defeated Zurg, While New Buzz was upset his "Father" fell. He last appears when Andy's Buzz asks New Buzz if he wants to join the toy family, But He wants to play catch with Zurg who are now Father and Son.

​Toy Story 3

Zurg is mentioned by Buzz after he was reset to demo by Lotso. First, When he tells the toys he beat up to silence calling them "Minions of Zurg", and second when he tells Woody and the others to unhand him, calling them "Zurg Scums". He was also mentioned by Andy when he gives Buzz to Bonnie.

Zurg also appeared in the epilouge when he arrives at Sunnyside with other toys in a box such as a Giraffe, a Dinosaur and two Fisher Price people. Stretch brings him down to the floor to greet numerous Daycare toys. He is also seen doing a robot dance behind Ken.